For many years, I have been hosting Weed Walks and Wild Lunches in my hometown of Howick, KwaZulu-Natal, and all across South Africa, helping people identify tasty uncultivated food.  The inspiration and information shared is often overwhelming, simply because it is completely different from anything participants have experienced before.  A simple guide was needed to assist people to forage with confidence. It made sense, therefore, to compile a book of the most common edible weeds and uncultivated foods found in South Africa (probably the planet). Wild About Weeds is full of ideas on how to make the most of the delicious abundance of your area and lighten your load on our planet. Buy your copy by emailing

Wild About Weeds – an introduction to uncultivated food

  • 144 pages 260x210mm
  • 48 Plants (including botanical names and common names)
  • 150 Photographs
  • 30 Recipes
  • Self-published in 2023 
  • ISBN  978-0-7961-1567-6
  • Words, photographs, and design by Nikki Brighton

“Locaherbivore, foraging fundi, eco-explorer, green goddess Nikki has documented her wildly popular weed walks in a book, illustrated with her own bright and beautiful photographs, packed with recipes and advice. It is a revelation, an education, an adventure, and a delight. I am giving it 5 stars.”

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